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Why Music Park?

      There are already a number of networks in which artists can distribute their music and offer the following free download licenses like Creative Common, one might wonder why Music Park?
      Music Park is not developed a network open to all artists, the network has chosen solidarity; Indeed, if the network was open to all artists, then the financial means of the association would not allow a coherent assistance to each artist, the means would be diluted and Music Park is just a broadcast network or each artist drowned in the mass, as they are many, and would take advantage of the dynamism sites on which they broadcast their music. Furthermore appearance solidarity compels us to consider that we can not ask an artist to the work done and who should have "talent", to show solidarity with someone whose job would be succinct and moreover n 'would be no "talent" (but note that the talent that is working), that's why we can not accept everyone (of course, the fact that an artist is not accepted, is not necessarily makes the poor quality of the artist but can be more subjective choice as the "taste" or due to constraints of an eclectic will and over-representation in a musical style. at the time the "easy file" sharing is something honorable, and enhance this act by encouraging people to be as close as artists is part of that spirit. it is with these parameters the birthplace Music Park , not offer music for free, but you discover independent artists that offer you use (under certains conditions) free of their works. You will say it is similar, from the user's point of view is actually similar, but from the perspective of how the association manages the artists, it is completely different. We are halfway between music label and the broadcast network without being neither one nor the other, we are mostly a combination that can be likened to an artist collective that explores one of the new processes, Digital technology tools, but above all the new practices, we are a new variation of the new music distribution methods, art and culture in general, trying to arrive at a more human dimension, and a spirit of solidarity. It is one of the most important points of the project because it implies that over a year if an artist makes its activities within the network to generate flow and therefore any money coming into the association, and another artist is otherwise, it is not on that next year the situation is not reversed, so supports the promotional level (recording, concert, etc.) of the association will have an equivalent treatment for each artist, as we believe that the stability and sustainability of an art project requires a certain solidarity, not of the great words but by processes that we initiate this project.
      However, the project is not an end in itself, it will evolve according to the needs artistic, human, technical, administrative, financial, and especially the context of evolving practices and wishes of the different actors of the network. Ideal for art broadcast operation does not exist, however, our action is as much in the sense of the actual distribution of works in the dissemination of artistic practice, because we believe that every person should be able to if she wants to have time for, among other things, if she wishes, have an artistic activity, and the organization of work in our society is not adapted to this possibility, it is necessary to rethink modes and life patterns of our society.
      Therefore Music Park intends to bring its own piece in a project where resources are pooled together with a spirit of solidarity. This is also why we will lead the project in the direction of creating a new model of development while promoting more sharing and calling civil society to review the division of labor. Therefore, we believe that the project should move towards a system and open to all, although for now the experience begins in a smaller frame. That's why we call users said free music to consider that the sharing they are enjoying an economic and cultural wealth that should support artists who produce these works.
The inspiration for this project came long ago, more than 10 years. The first name should be "Under the cloak" and the realization of a website was not given priority in the initial project, because it seemed too complex to implement at this time. On the other hand the project promoter had no priority (that is, of artistic creation). For many trains went by, and the choice to launch this project, while projects like JAMENDO or others have made great progress and the ability to disseminate his music "free" was motivated because it appears that these projects reasonably borne by the many artists that those are not the artists, and to specify that this project Jamendo reconstructs a "SACEM No. 2", which represents an alternative to the SACEM but does not represent an alternative to "SACEM system." On the other hand, the use of Creative Commons (CC) licenses although they have a role to play in the digital mainstream, do not allow reversibility, that if you place a CC-licensed work, it is supposed to be broadcast life (up to 70 years after the death of the author, before it enters the public domain, according to the law) under this license without the possibility of change. obviously this constraint facilitates the management of a work from the public point of view, copyright management companies and broadcasters, but from the perspective of the artist, this is a rigidity that does not take into account changing choice of an artist (writer, composer), which are often based on their social evolution as an artist.
Therefore Music Park exists, and we know that highlighting the real issues of copyright, has not really been made yet, as different actors of culture and music, be it the next to the free and especially broadcasters or the side of DPRS (collecting society and the distribution of rights) or having rights that are far from representing all authors, composers and artists, have positions and practices that defend their own interests to detriment of those they claim to be promoters.