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The license concerns the use of music on the site musicpark.biz/music-park.org as part of a private use. It allows you to download and use music artists on the site out of commercial context.

For use in a public setting, refer to adherence to delivery network where you can get a broadcast license in a commercial setting in France.

Note that the artists on the site have chosen to offer their music, do not adhere to a copyright society (such as SACEM, SACD, etc), which included more freedom for themselves but also for you, it also included these songs are not commodified. This approach does not mean that you can't support the artists by making their donation, so they can continue in the best possible conditions their creative efforts.




Licence Culture Musique Diffusion

(Culture Music Broadcast License)


Foreword: The Law on the copyright which defines all the exclusive privileges whose an author get and the executive frame of use of a work, is acquired itself in any creation declared as such. It duration extends until 70 years after the death of the author and is acquired itself without any formality of deposit, just by creating a work. This Law gives patrimonial rights and a right morale for the author of the creation, who is one or several physical persons (within the framework of a collective work). Only the patrimonial rights are transferable. Any original artistic or literary creation is, de facto, protected by the Law on the copyright. This license defines how with regard to the current Laws, you can use the creation, the work which contains as mention this license. The License Culture Music Diffusion is a said licence of free of broadcasting, it authorizes the copy, the sound broadcasting and to transform freely the works in a framework defined by this license in respect of the author's rights.


1. Setting : The purpose of this licence is to define freedoms and the operational limits of a work which is marked of Licence Culture Music Diffusion. It indicates to the customer of work carrying mention “LCMD” or Licence Culture Musique Diffusion, within which framework he can diffuse, copy or modify this work; it indicates also its obligations and the concessions brought by the user (the artist) of this licence. This licence is intended for the French right, but can any time being used in certain countries if the clauses enacted in this licence do not contravene the legislation of the country of the author who would like to make use of it. The expressions user, customer, work, author, diffusion, copy, adaptation, distribution, reproduction, tallies commercial, used in this document are specified in the glossaries, at the foot of the page.

2. Broadcast rules : A work marked Licence Culture Music Diffusion can be broadcast by the digital copy (copy and paste), downloading (excluding website, blog, etc. and download platform, public cloud and other), the burning (the pressing is prohibited), the file sharing system peer to peer, broadcast in a sound system (sound system, Hi-fi system, computer, telephone, etc.) only for private use use, in a private setting and non-commercial. A work marked Licence Culture Musique Diffusion or "LCMD" can be broadcast on a blog, a website, a cloud, or any system offering a download that contain no advertising proposal to an advertiser, advertising window, pop-up commercial, etc, unless permission of the author or right holders and the work must be marked Licence Culture Music Diffusion and the name of the work and its author and the link to the author's website or the original source on the net, if a site or source on the web for these files exist.

3. Copyright : A work marked Culture Musique Distribution Licence can be copied by copying and pasting, engraving (pressing is prohibited), only for private use in a private, non-commercial.

4. Right of Adaptation, modification, interpretation and representation : A work marked Culture Music Distribution License can be adapted, modified, interpreted, remixed, sampled, inserted into a film, a documentary, a movie clip, reportage, only and strictly for private use, in a private and non-commercial, unless authorized (see Licence Culture Music Diffusion option Music Park) and exceptions and limitations with the exclusive rights envisaged by the Law. Representations and dissemination of adaptation are free and exclusively performed in a private circle. The author of the new work after work distributed under this license will distribute this new work under the same license , then, with the same information and adding the name of the new participant in the creation of this work, specifying, remastered by, or arranged by, or modified by, interpreted by, etc. or in the case of a sample, indicate "sample name of the work, name of the author."

5. Copyright : A work may be reproduced for commercial purposes without the consent of its author.

6. Exceptions and limitations with the exclusive rights : This licence does not contravene of anything on the exceptions and limitations to the exclusive rights envisaged by the Law (L122-5 article of the code of the intellectual property), like quotations, press reviews or parodies.

7. Copyright : This license does not of anything the moral and economic rights in the work having to mention this license but gives the customer some freedom. The copyrights for adaptation, modification, interpretation apply as provided in the Copyright Act in public use.

8. Bans and limitations : any right which would not explicitly be authorized in this license, is considered as nobody, outside the exceptions and limitations in the exclusive rights were planned by the Law. Any distribution, copy, download, provision, reproduction, edition, broadcasting, adaptation, representation, sound distribution and any action of diffusion in a public environment and\or for commercial purposes are forbidden except authorization of the author or the legal successors right of the work.

9. Term of License: The license is applicable from the use of the work which it defines the rights and to the extent permitted by law or to change the author's decision to free three months after performing the steps to remove the license. In order to proceed to good use Music Park put online a a catalog of referencing of the works distributed under license "Cuture Music Diffusion" accessible to all users and customers, this file will indicate whether a work is still distributed under license "LCMD". This service will last as Music Park exist, but but Park Music would not be to be made responsible for a misuse of having the right of works. Users who purchased this license before that date will stay holders of this license.

10. Cancellation : Nonthe respect by the user or the customer of the clauses of this licence involves the suppression of grants clauses of this licence. If the cancellation comes from a request of the author, the loss of the licence will be done after a three months notice, its cancellation will be announced on the page envisaged for this purpose on the site Music-park.fr (.org), the customers having acquired this licence before this date will remain holders of this licence.​

11. Clause of Warranty : Except contract, licence, agreement, reached between the customer and the user stipulating opposite clauses to this license, the user proposes in the state his work to the customer, and would not be to be held for person in charge of a technical failure, of any latent defect or other.

12. Responsibility : The user is not at all held responsible for the use of his work by the bearing customer damage with a third, except the clauses envisaged by the Law. Music Park, editor of this licence, declines any responsibility for the bad use of this licence and declines any responsibility as for the contents for the work which is marked Licence Culture Musique Diffusion or “LCMD”.

13. Reissue of license : The author, after stopping the dissemination of his work under this license, can resume broadcasting on this license.

14. Legal Notice : The user and the customer must appear or left appear the author's name and the name of the work, and the " Licence Culture Musique Difusion" or "LCMD" mention in the metadata of the file(.doc, .html, .ogg, .mp3, etc.). In the case of a website, a blog or any other web-based interface, this license must be made known to the public through a web page or a link directly to it.

15. The different versions of the license: First version in March 2013 "Licence Culture Music Diffusion" version 1.0.

16. Miscellaneous: this license has no ambition to join the elaboration of a universal license of use of the music. Nevertheless, not being able to augur some future, we allow ourselves the opportunity to improve it with the cooperation of all those who would want to take part in it. Proposals can be made which will be studied, refined, arranged, discussed, repeated, approved, through the opened network (public) and closed (private) of Music Park.

To contact us, send an email to this address contact@music-park.fr, and tell us your proposal.

The rights of copy, dissemination, adaptation and modification mentioned in this license may be made on any media (CD, USB stick, hard drive, etc.) and in all types of formats (.doc, .html, .ogg, .mp3, etc.).






User : (The person who makes use of the Culture Music Distribution License) This is the artist who distributes the work using this license.

Customer : (The person using the work marked this license) This is anyone who decides to use the work marked by this license.

Work : (creation, fruit of the imagination and mind of one or more people) This is the original creation of music or text, a sample (sample) or a set of music and / or text and / or sample of the artist allowed to be publicly disclosed and which is protected by the law on the right of literary and artistic property, according to the rules defined by the Act Copyright in France, Act 1957 as amended by Act No. 2006-961 of 1 August 2006 on copyright and related rights in the information society, now incorporated in the law code Intellectual property.

Author : (person who designs, creates and produces a work) The author is here specifically one or more persons (for collective works, a rock band, for example), which through its work has created a sound work, that it is done with instruments, machines, voice or any other method to achieve a sound, or a work written for the execution of a sound work.

Distribution : (Action, which is to provide and make available to the public a work) The distribution of a work is not restricted here in the mere fact of a broadcast for example, but hear any means such as copying, downloading, the engraving, sound distribution on any devices and any method that allows all work to be brought to the attention of the public.

Copie : (Duplication d'une œuvre) La copie comprend le copier-coller sur un ordinateur, un téléphone portable, un disque dur, une clé usb, un cd, un dvd, etc et tout appareil ou support susceptible de contenir une œuvre mise à disposition du public sous forme de fichier numérique ou tout autre type de support.

Adaptation : (Modification of a work to create another one or make an adaptation) The defined framework for adaptation will be the interpretation, modification (remix arrangement, sampling), use as part of another work (film, video, music, book, sample, etc.), from an original work.

Distribution : (Action to propose by virtual or physical means a work to a public) Here, the provision of the public, original or adapted works in a commercial contex by any means of communication to the public subject to the obligations of the Copyright Act.

Reproduction : (The fact to reproduce an original work on a physical or virtual support to the public by a technical process enabling either a direct listening or a replay) The action of reproduction is any act of reproduction such as the edition on CD media or any other media (DVD, USB key, etc.) and / or commissioning by internet download the work or the work adapted in a commercial setting, subject to the laws on copyright.

Commercial context : (Environment generating commercial actions) Included in the commercial context, any environment in which actions are taken to generate income, as advertising revenue generated in a website, paid services on a web site, merchant or commercial website any category, an event with entrance fee or have a product outlet, services, etc. or sponsored; film, video, documentary, etc., intended for commercial use, on any medium, a standard home phone, a phone ringing, an apartment, a radio generating profits, not exhaustive list.